What is the concern about Flu?

By Gilberto Silber Schmidt
Labex Korea The controversy regarding the H5N1 virus remains to be discussed by the main newspapers and magazines connected with Science and Technology and with the poultry productive chain. The analysis of this event takes different paths, depending of the view of the impact on the different segments. The Labex Korea continues to follow this controversy, offering its readers the most important data published in the media.
Several sectors, involved in this controversy, has requested the stopped or restriction in studies and / or publications of this nature. Dr. Daniel R. Perez, in his article entitled H5N1 Debates: Hung Up on the Wrong Questions  reports a series of arguments that clearly demonstrate the need to continue this kind of research, especially considering the benefit to public health worldwide, with a focus on eradication, development of vaccines and medicines that can prevent a pandemic, that can drastically affect the entire world population.

The possibility of a pandemic only be effective if the virus acquire the ability by aerosol transmission between humans, therefore, the development of studies to understand the molecular attributes to ability  the H5N1 virus into this new situation is the key to predicting and (or) prevent the onset of pandemic strains.

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