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Microorganisms: agents of transformation of the biomass into energetic inputs

Labex KoreaEmbrapa Agroenergy, based on the National Agroenergy Plan (PNA 2006/11), carries out projects with focus on four platforms of Research, Development and Innovation: ethanol, biodiesel, energy forests and use of wastes. Several researches covering these topics have been carried out trying to attend the country’s demand for new sources of renewable energy. ……

Source and Picture: Embrapa Agroenergy, October 17th, 2011
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Scientists describe the transcriptomes of parasites that cause avian coccidiosis

By Fábio de Castro

Agência FAPESP – A group of researchers from the São Paulo University (USP) reported the transcriptomes of three important species of Eimeria, a parasite that causes avian coccidiosis—the most serious illness associated with avian production the world over. The transcriptome is the set of genes expressed by a cell, tissue or whole organism at a particular stage of development.

Source: FAPESP, January 25th, 2012
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A Cerrado Plant uses underground leaves to capture and digest worms

By Karina Toledo

Agência FAPESP – At first glance, Philcoxia minensis, only about 20 centimeters in height, appears to be a delicate plant, with small purple flowers and thin branches. But, under the white sands of Serra do Espinhaço in Minas Gerais, it hides a secret: sticky leaves the size of the tip of a needle that attract, capture and digest unsuspecting worms.

Source and Photo: Agência FAPESP, February 8th, 2012
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