The Soil erosion and global warming

By Gilberto Silber Schmidt

Labex Korea – Usually we believe that environmental problems are linked exclusively to the unsustainable management of the water and air. However, information contained in the Annual Report of the Pnuma (Environment Programme of the United Nations) reports that the agricultural activity has degraded and polluted the soil, mainly due to erosion by agricultural activities, as to be 100 times more intense than the “Natural Soil” erosion process” and this fact have impacted on Global Warming.
The biggest problem is that the soil erosion loses carbon to the atmosphere, and its replacement of hard practice. According to the Pnuma report, 24% of Earth’s land has suffered damage, reducing their productivity over 25 years, due to the unsustainable use of the soil. The track surface soil alone holds about 2.2 trillion tons of carbon – more than three times the level present in the air. Since the 19th century, approximately 60% of the carbon stored in soils and vegetation has been lost as a result of changes the use of it. “The soil carbon stocks are vulnerable the human activities, decreasing rapidly in response to changes in soil cover and the use of it, at both urban and rural areas, in which include agricultural and forestry practices unsustainable, the report emphasizes.

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