Brazil and China will have Research Center for innovation on nanotechnology

In Portaria published on Tuesday (14) the “Official Gazette”, the Minister of Science and Technology, Marco Antonio Raupp, establishing the CBC – Nano (Brazil-China Center for Research and Innovation in Nanotechnology). Is not clear yet the research agenda of the center, but according to the chemist Fernando Galembeck, China expressed an interest in developing, with Brazil, sensors and devices for use in clinical diagnostic to attend dispersed communities.
“The idea is having a portable reliable equipment, of cheap production, to facilitate taking care to people,” explains Galembeck, who is director of LNNano (National Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Campinas (SP), and will be the Brazilian coordinator of BCC Nano. According to him, another area of interest is the development of new products from the biomass. “We can use nanotechnology to transform agricultural waste,” he said, noting that Brazil, being a leading global producer of food and agricultural commodities, generates large volumes of biomass not yet grasped.
The Sino-Brazilian Center will be virtual and working as a network of research and development cooperative linked to the LNN-Nano. According to the concierge “participation in the CBC-Nano will be considered relevant public service, not entailing any specific remuneration. China is considered a major power in nanotechnology research, with a while Brazil occupies the 25th position. According to data released by ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development), the international nanotechnology market will reach $ 693 billion by the end of this year to $ 2.95 trillion in 2015.
Nanotechnology concerns the ability to manipulate materials of atomic size, of 1 to 100 nanometers, that each has a millionth of a millimeter, ie, a unit 10 000 times smaller than the diameter of hair.

Source: Agência Brasil, February 13th, 2012
Click here to read the complete article (Portuguese) at Folha de São Paulo
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