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Researchers help to multiply the bioenergy use

Biomass & Bioenergy – Researchers from São Paulo University (USP) and Campinas University (Unicamp) unraveled in 2011 about 10,8 gigapares of DNA bases of the sugarcane, 33 times the product of two years of the Sugarcane Genome Project more completed in 2001, which mapped the genes expressed of plant. The result is part of two thematic projects, coordinated by molecular biologist and geneticist Glaucia Souza Marie-Anne Van Sluys, teachers from USP, and scheduled for completion in 2013, that seek the mapping of the genes of sugarcane. Given the complexity of genome, 300 regions already are organized in sections larger than 100 thousand bases that contain 5-14 contiguous genes of sugarcane. The researchers want to go beyond the Sugarcane Genome data on both the quantity and in questions about how the genome of the plant that has become synonymous with renewable energy. Studies of grasses such as sorghum and rice showed that to improve the productivity of the plants is necessary to know how gene activity is controlled, according to stretches of DNA known as promoters. The research is an example of how to the knowledge about sugarcane and ethanol progressed in the last 15 years with support from FAPESP. The Sugarcane Genome Project, which mapped the genes of sugarcane between 1998 and 2001, the FAPESP Program Bioenergy Research (Bioen), begun in 2008, which is coordinating by Glaucia, the Foundation has sponsored a major effort research, that articulates researchers of several knowledge areas, aimed to improve the productivity of the Brazilian ethanol and advance basic science and technology related to energy generation from biomass.

Resouce: Biomass & Bioenergy, January 30th, 2012
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Translated by Gilberto Silber Schmidt
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