The “6th International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops: Sowing the Future of Tropical Horticulture – SEST2012”

Labex Korea – By Gilberto Silber Schmidt

It is well known that Brazilian agricultural sciences played a prominent role in turning Brazil into a world leader in tropical agriculture. In the 6th most important economy in the world, horticultural science has surely taken a part in this accomplishment. Still, there are several challenges to be faced – producing enough food that meets quality and safety standards for a growing world population; using finite natural resources more efficiently; coping with acidic soils; adapting horticulture to a changing climate… In other words, the challenge of developing a truly sustainable and productive horticulture that can thrive in a changing world, as the theme of the symposium makes clear.
Brazil, due to its continental size and its ecological and climatic diversity, is a natural laboratory for evaluating the problems and developing the solutions for tropical and subtropical horticulture. For those unfamiliar with the tropics, this will be an excellent opportunity to know the unique problems faced by tropical horticultural sciences and the solutions found to those problems, and also to share their thoughts and findings for the tropics and other regions of the world.
As the event will take place at an intermediary ecosystem, the Brazilian savannah, known locally as “the Cerrado”, which shares some features with other tropical ecosystems such as the African savannah and is also the main agricultural frontier in Brazil, delegates will have a chance to know different systems of seed and transplant production besides stand establishment, for various crops and in distinct situations that are typical of Brazilian horticultural production.
By now, we have the confirmed speakers from Chile, China, Japan, EUA, Spain and The Netherlands talking about seeds, transplants and crop protection horticulture. We are waiting for 200 participants.

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