Embrapa will install a Virtual Laboratory in Germany

By Deva Rodrigues

Embrapa will have an extension of program Labex Europe (Laboratory Virtual Abroad Embrapa) in Germany, on Forschungszntrum Jülich, one of the most important research institutions of that country, linked the area of German education
The cooperation agreement between Embrapa and Forschungszntrum Jülich was signed on January 20th in Berlin, and includes the technical collaboration between Brazilian and German scientists.
The research will be focused on plant-environment interactions and their use in breeding programs (phenotyping). This line of knowledge can be applied in cultivar adaptation to climate changes and the sustainable use of natural resources. The results can be used to project integrated production systems and sustainable to the bio-economy for the food / feed and bioenergy.
The signature of the engagement between Embrapa and Forschungszntrum Jülich counted with the presence the Germany Agriculture Minister, Ilse Aigner, of the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Mendes Ribeiro Filho, and the representative of the Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, Henk Van Liempt.

Fonte: Embrapa – Secretaria de Relações Internacionais (SRI)
You also follow the Labex Korea Twitter
Translated by: Gilberto Silber Schmidt


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