The world´s largest food and beverage trade show, now in Brazil.

SIAL Brazil is an unprecedented trade show in the country. It is inspired by SIAL Paris, the largest food and beverage event in the world. The Brazilian edition will gather in a single place all sectors of this line of business bringing to you the latest news and trends in the market.
For the first time in Brazil, The International Food Show for Latin America is a product of an unprecedented partnership between BTS Informa, the largest food trade show organizer agency in the country, and Comexposium, the 5th largest European trade shows group.
During the 4 days of this event, decision makers from many different places will be face to face with the Brazilian market, one of the largest and most promising in the world, which is also a front door to do business in whole Latin America.

To access the event link click here

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2 responses to “The world´s largest food and beverage trade show, now in Brazil.

  1. Looking for food and beverage trade shows in brazil.

    Thank you.

  2. Nice post. Thank you.

    I also was looking for food trade shows and i’ve discoverd this webpage. That shows you dates, places and real and helpful info about all the Food Trade Shows around the world. If you are interested, have a look.

    Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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