Brazil Brings to the OIE a Pioneering Project in Poultry

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) sent to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) an innovative compartmentalization of poultry industry to prevent Avian Influenza and Newcastle Diseases.
The initiative seeks to ensure animal subpopulations with distinguished sanitary status within a territory. Moreover, in cases of outbreaks of these diseases, the properties that follow the control measures will be considered and recommended biosecurity free to produce and market their products.
This project results from a study carried out along four years in partnership with Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef), with private companies and state agencies on behalf of animal. Through cooperation of these institutions with the ministry was defined a protocol for the biosecurity measures from ten factors of greatest risk of the entry of the virus.
Preventive actions taken, the Mapa will audit, inspect and certify these establishments. With this recognition, the whole production chain – from breeding poultry farms, hatcheries and production poultry farms, slaughterhouses, feed plants and factories of bedding material for poultry farms – will be declared “biosecurity”. As markets will be favorable to maintenance of buyers in case of outbreak.
Avian Influenza and Newcastle are diseases that have potential to cause significant social and economic impacts (trade restrictions) and compromise the health of the birds. Brazil has never registered reports of Avian Influenza. Newcastle disease in commercial breeding stock does not occur for more than 10 years in Brazil.

Source:Avicultura Industrial, November 14th 2011

Translated by Gilberto Silber Schmidt


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