Biomass & Bioenergy (Event)

Expanding in Brazil and in the world, the news from the chains of biomass, bioenergy and recycling animal have their space guaranteed in 2012, through two unprecedented business fairs in Brazil. An environment exclusively dedicated to encouraging the production and consumption of these large sectors, that grow and professionalize day by day. These are the Fair Biomass & Bioenergy and Recycling Animal AveSui. Carried by Gessulli Agribusiness – this company to 25 years organizing events in agribusiness – in parallel with the already established AveSui Latin America ( The events will take place between April 2nd and 4th, 2012 in the Yellow Pavilion Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil.

At the Fair Biomass & Bioenergy, key names and companies of the sector discussing and exposing the world tendencies and the potentiality of energy from biomass. Does that present a unique technology innovations related to the reuse of agricultural wastes, forestry and livestock, wood and organic material as a renewable short-term energy. In addition, the fair will host the First Biomass & Bioenergy Panel – a seminar, coordinated by the analyst and forestry engineer, Dr Waldir Ferreira Quirino, who manages energy Forest Products Laboratory (LPF) of the Brazilian Forest Service and by Embrapa Forestry represented by Ailtom Damin,  Antonio da Silva and Francis Bellotti. The panel will present major names and practical issues related to production and implementation of bioenergy production and agribusiness. Are they: the biomass market in Brazil, the application of biomass production and agribusiness, production and use of charcoal, practical experience in power generation and coal production from biomass, bio-oil, changes in raw materials, forest energy, new technology for hydrogen, biogas and trends in this market, etc.
Already on Animal AveSui Recycling, a exclusive space with the involvement of companies in the recycling of grease and animal byproducts, shows all the tendencies of this chain, stimulating growth even more of this sector. In addition, an unprecedented partnership, the Brazilian Association of Recycling Animal (Abra) and Gessulli Agribusiness promote a Seminar of Animal Recycling. According to the Abra, the purpose of this event will be to sensitize the participants about the necessity of union the Sector of Recycling Animal presenting important themes of relevance as a, potential economic production cycle, the environmental management and sustainability of the sector. Dr. Vinicius Oliveira Marques, Abra’s Executive Secretary explain “will be presented the recycling animal numbers in Brazil and worldwide. We will also talk about developments in the productive process and quality of the flours and fats of animal origin and as well as environmental management in this segment”.

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