Embrapa Swine and Poultry creates a dedicated space for information and economical analyzes of the Swine and Poultry production chains

The “Central Intelligence Poultry and Swine” (Cias) is a project developed by Embrapa Swine and Poultry in Concordia, Santa Catarina, a decentralized unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation , organ to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

Why do?
With the increase in agribusiness competition, strategic planning is became the best tool for the companies’ competitiveness, for productive chains and for the countries. For that, are necessaries high quality information based on credible sources and agile, as well as, in economic studies of the links these chains and of the market tendency. One of the basic assumptions for the good functioning of the economic system is that there is no asymmetric information. Pig production is an activity marked by constant crises. Generally it comes from an imbalance between the supply and demand (which happened in the years 1992 and 1996, for example), the supplies market crisis and sanitary problems, as occurred in the late of 1970 and the early of 1980. The activity dropped again due a big crisis during the period 2002 and 2003, least in terms of the primary production. This fact was repeated on 2006 and 2007. In all those cases, lack of information has been a essential factor, since most of the crises was associated to the excess supply of pork meat on the market.


Collect, analyze and provide data’s information, news, studies and/or research results , creating a critical mass of knowledge to attend, effectively, the decisions of the agents involved, directly and indirectly, in production, processing, distribution and consumption of pigs, chickens, eggs and their products in Brazil. In this way, catalyze efforts for defining strategic policies and actions for the sustainable development of Brazilian agribusiness


  • Creating conditions and / or permanent means to obtaining and managing of information pertinent and useful to the agents involved in production, distribution and for consumer of products and derivatives from pork, poultry and eggs, as a systematic and intelligent way to keep and / or enhancement their production and trade;
  • Consolidate and manage networks of research and strategic studies with national and international reference in swine, poultry and layer;
  • Promote the contribution of human resources devoted for the studies swine, poultry and layer chains in Brazil;
  • Catalyze the strategic thinking in the Brazilian agribusiness to swine, poultry and layers.


The purpose of “Cias” is to capture, organizing and managing information about technical, economic, social, cultural and other indicators of interest to the poultry, swine and layer chains, with monitoring and intelligent analysis of it, by observing and verifying conjunctures and tendencies, to support the public policies and private driving forces behind the technical progress, economic and social development.

By Embrapa Swine and poultry

Contact: Jona Irineu do Santos

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