Brazil represented by Labex-Korea in China

Embrapa was represented by the Coordinator of Labex Korea, Dr. Gilberto Silber Schmidt, in Shanghai, China, on the opening of the FuturaGene Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a company incorporated by Suzano from Brazil. The company specializes in  research and development biotechnology of  directed to the markets of forest crops and biofuels. During the inaugural address, the Director of the Company, Dr. Stanley Hirsch, thanked the Embrapa’s presence and made ​​mention how the company was important for the Brazilian Agriculture development. Then, Dr. Joel Sampaio, General Consul  of Brazil in China, representing the Brazilian Government stressed the importance of Brazilians’ investments in China, especially on the ​​production of biofuels second generation. He took the opportunity to celebrate the importance of Embrapa on Brazilian Agriculture development. He added that the implementation of Embrapa Agroenergy will be a milestone for the development of technologies for biofuels second generation productions. He emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship between Brazil and China, developing collaborative projects in this area, putting the Brazilian Embassy on hand to assist in developing strategic projects for both countries. After the ceremony the guests were presented to the FuturaGene laboratorial facilities, which will permit the development of strategic projects in biotechnology. After the ceremony, was held a technical discussion involving representatives of FuturaGene and Suzano, Embrapa, Institutions R & D in China and the Brazilian Consulate to discuss the possibility of partnerships for the development of news technological innovations on the second generation for biofuels.The initial proposal is to prepare a Researches Mission from Embrapa, for a technical visit to China, scheduled for mid 2012 with the financial support of FuturaGene. The purpose will be discussing the possibility of partnerships for the development of technological innovations. The Coordinator of the Korea-Labex, will contact, later this month the Embrapa’s Center, that carry out activities related to this area, to discuss strategies for achieving partnership between Brazil and China.


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