Welcome Gilberto Schmidt


                                       Labex-Korea has new Coordinator

Dr. Gilberto Silber Schmidt, a researcher at Embrapa Swine and Poultry, now located at Embrapa’s “International Relations Secretariat” is the new Coordinator, since November 20th of the current year, the Korea-Labex, located in Suwon, Republic of Korea, established in a partnership with “Rural Development Administration” (RDA), replacing Dr. Mauricio Antonio Lopes. Dr Hong-Sik Kim, Ph.D., Leader of “Genetics and breeding” Program, from the “International Technology Cooperation Center” will be the counterpart by RDA.

Particularly, the Labex program run by Embrapa is the model to promote cooperation by conducting researches in partner countries, which is an exemplary case of building global network. Labex-Korea and RAVL (RDA Abroad Virtual Laboratory) will consistently develop more joint projects, continuing their role of bridge for mutually-beneficial partnership.

Dr. Gilberto is graduated in Zootechnics from State University of São Paulo, which took the Mister Science and Doctor Science, on Genetic and Animal Breeding, at São Paulo University  and a Pós-Doctor at  the “Center for Food and Animal Research”, Ottawa, Canada. During their professional life developed projects in Poultry Breeding and Genetic​​ and lately he had been occupying the position of Deputy Head of Technology Transfer at Embrapa Swine and Poultry.

The purpose is to prospect in Republic of Korea and other countries around Asia, strategic areas opportunities for Brazilian Agriculture, establishing collaborative projects, which allow significant technological advancement in Brazilian development.

Gilberto Silber Schmidt

Embrapa Labex Korea
International Technical Cooperation Center (ITCC)
Rural Development Administration (RDA)
250 Seodun-dong, Gwonseon-gu
Suwon 441-707, Republic of Korea
Phone:  +82-31-299-1099   FAX:  +82-31-293-9359
e-mail : labex.korea@embrapa.brgilberto.schmidt@embrapa.br

Skype: gilberto.schmidt3

Homepage: www.labexkorea.wordpress.com

You can also follow Labex Korea on Twitter


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