Online Resource: Crop Genebank Knowledge Base

The CGIAR’s System-wide Genetic Resources Programme maintains a repository of information useful to anyone with interest in genebanks.  See below more information and the links to access the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base:

“Almost 1700 genebanks, holding millions of samples, now span the globe, according to the FAO’s recently released Second State of the World Report on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The people responsible for these samples – and anyone else interested in genebanks – can now visit a Crop Genebank Knowledge Base to access a vast collection of helpful information.

The website has been put together by the System-wide Genetic Resources Programme of the CGIAR, which is hosted by Bioversity International. The 11 genebanks of the CGIAR and national genebanks worldwide used their combined expertise to supply the contents of the site, which includes information about specific crops, best practices for genebank management and access to relevant publications and training materials.

Click here lo learn more from the SGRP website.
Click here to access the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base.


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