Online Resource: FAO´s Crop Calendar – Information Tool for Decision Making

From the Webpage of FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:

“Agriculture starts with seeds. Hence the choice of good adapted varieties and quality seeds or planting material is imperative for increasing crop production and addressing the challenges of food insecurity and climate change. It is equally important that seeds and planting materials are available and accessible at the right place and at the right time.

The Crop Calendar provides information about sowing and planting seasons and agronomic practices of the crops grown by farmers in a particular agro-ecological zone. It is a tool developed to assist farmers, extension workers, civil society and the private sector to be able to access and make available quality seeds of specific crop varieties for a particular agro-ecological zone at the appropriate sowing/planting season. It can be used by development-aid workers in the planning and implementation of seed relief and rehabilitation activities following natural or human-led disasters. Furthermore, the Crop Calendar can serve as a quick reference tool in selecting crop varieties to adapt to changing weather patterns accelerated by climate change.

The Crop Calendar database is being maintained at a regional level and is based on inputs from member countries. The Crop Calendar database currently covers 43 African countries and contains information on more than 130 crops, located in 283 agro-ecological zones.”

Access FAO’s Crop Calendar, available in English, French and Spanish.


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