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–   Innovation and Economic Growth in China

–   Accelerating Innovation In Energy: Insights from Multiple

–   Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook – A guide for
practical implementation

–   Imagining the Future of Sustainable Urban Agriculture

–   Carbon markets main source of climate finance would be
vulnerable to the influence of excessive speculation…

–   Precision Agriculture: Sustainable Farming in the Age of

–   Agriculture, Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration

–   Saudi Arabia to Invest $ 500 Million in Brazil Agriculture

–   Ecotourism is the most valuable use of rainforest

–   Deforestation rates in tropical countries dropped significantly
during the first decade of the 21st century

–   Neither models nor miracles: a look at synthetic biology

–   Brazil forecasts a record crop of cereals and oilseeds
totaling 148.9 million tons, the largest ever…

–   Who Owns Our Low Carbon Future?  Intellectual Property and
Energy Technologies

–   Investing for an Uncertain Future: Priorities for UK Energy and
Climate Security

–   Research Libraries – Preparing for the Future, Scenario
Planning Process

–   Never an Empty Bowl: Sustaining Food Security in Asia

–   The impact of climate change on rice | Adapting rice to climate
change | Reducing the impact of rice on climate change

–   World Rice Statistics is a compilation of national and
sub-national data on rice area, production, and yield over time

–   Genetic treasure (in Portuguese) – Conservation of Animal
Genetic Resources at Embrapa-Brazil

–   Status and Prospects for Smallholder Milk Production – A Global

–   White Paper – The Food System – a prism of present and future
challenges for health promotion and sustainable development

–   The Present & Future State of Innovation in China

–   Transgenic cassava roots could address vitamin A deficiency

–   China Poised to Become Global Innovation Leader

–   Forest biodiversity at risk, but conservation efforts are
growing – FAO releases Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010

–   Human waste turned into renewable gas to power homes – Pilot
project is first in UK to produce domestic gas from sewage

–   FAO – Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010

–   Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: Infrastructure
Considerations for Biomass Handling of Ag and Energy

–   Royal-Society-launches-new-climate-change-guide

–   Climate change:  a summary of the science, by the Royal Society

–   Fostering Learning in the Networked World:The Cyberlearning
Opportunity and Challenge

–   Climate Change 101 – Understanding and Responding to Global
Climate Change

–   The potential for land-based biological CO2 removal to lower
future atmospheric CO2 concentration

–   A Brief For Policymakers on the Green Economy and Millennium
Development Goals

–   Skills for green jobs – European Synthesis report

–   Innovation in Asia – Trading places – China is about to
overtake Japan in patent applications

–   Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research – The new geography of
global innovation

–   Are you a green leader? Business and biodiversity: making the
case for a lasting solution

–   China faces growing climate challenge

–   Cotton research community thrilled by genome sequencing

–   Cisgenics- Transgenics without the Transgene

–   How cells with identical genomes can express different traits
is a longstanding biology puzzle…

–   Draft genome sequence of the oilseed species Ricinus communis

–   Watermelons: What happened to the seeds?

–   Plants give up some deep secrets of drought resistance

–   How Embrapa-Brazil Manages its Agricultural Research and
Development Programs

–   Embrapa Agricultural Technology Strengthens Brazilian

–   Directory of Development Organizations 2010

–   Brazilian presence at the 2010 World Oriental Medicine Bio-Expo
in South Korea

–   Scientists argue that regulatory reforms are needed to allow
cellulosic bioenergy to reach its true potential

–   Genetically Engineered Crops and U.S. Agricultural

–   Argentina may change seed law to promote new GM soy

–   Free availability of satellite imagery has boosted
deforestation monitoring applications

–   China-Brazil relations in focus

–   Fifth of world’s plants are facing threat of extinction

–   Global Governance 2025:  At a Critical Juncture

–   Embracing Embrapa

–   BUILDING COMMUNITIES WITH FARMS – Insights from developers,
architects and farmers on integrating agric. and development

–   Booming China Lures Key Professors Home From US

–   Rising Global Interest in Farmland and the Importance of
Responsible Agricultural Investment

–   New World Bank Report Sees Growing Global Demand for Farmland
Risks and Opportunities for the Developing World

–   Large-scale acquisition of land rights for agricultural or
natural resource-based use

–   How Embrapa/Brazil Manages its Agricultural Research and
Development Programs

–   Brazilian Agribusiness at a Glance – learn more about Brazil
and its agricultural production.

–   The Amazon rainforest – a cloud factory

–   Natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean- beyond
booms and busts?

–   Global Food Outlook: 2020 Full Prospectus

–   The Food Web Map identify the forces reshaping the food web,
share examples of innovative responses, forecast key shifts

–   Telegraph – “hundreds of thousands of plant species ‘are
duplicates’, claim scientists”

–   Brazilian organic soy for the Arabs

–   A roadmap for the exploration of current & future trends

–   What will this next decade look like?

–   Guardian – the battle to save Russia’s Pavlovsk seed bank

–   Many genebanks are paying too little attention to the users and
to actors outside their community

–   To Serve and Conserve:  genebanks exploring ways to improve
service to PGR users and effectiveness of PGR conservation

–   Making healthy food is easy. Making people eat it is not

–   Brazil is seeking a foothold in the high-tech industry

–   What lies underneath: Conserving the oceans’ genetic

–   Portal of Online Databases and Registries of Traditional
Knowledge and Genetic Resources

–   Trade and Development Report, 2010

–   The Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 Report 2010 En r15 -low res 20100615 -.pdf

–   Many vital crops capture the sun’s energy in a surprisingly
inefficient way…

–   Punjab to introduce Brazil model of mechanised sowing and
harvesting of sugarcane

–   Brazil – where pessimists saw a barren wasteland, ingenuity and
dedication created thousands of newly arable acres.

–   Punjab farmers ready to go to Brazil…

–   Indian companies are increasingly getting a foothold into South

–   In farming, small is deadly…

–   Punjab to introduce Brazil model of mechanised sowing and
harvesting of sugercane

–   Recreating the Brazilian agricultural miracle –  How Pakistan
can learn from Brazil and create a middle class…

–   India looks at South America for farming technology updates

–   Could lightining be our next renewable resource?

–   The Washington Post:  China invests heavily in Brazil,
elsewhere in pursuit of political heft

–   Genetic research at UA could help create ‘super rice’

–   African agriculture needs giant leap

–   PLAN B 4.0 – Mobilizing to Save Civilization  Lester R. Brown


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