Embrapa Inaugurates a New Unit Dedicated to Strategic Studies and Training

Photo by Leonardo Carvalho

On May 10, 2010 President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will inaugurate a new Embrapa Unit, as part of the agenda of the Brazil-Africa dialogue on food security, hunger and rural development, which occurs in Brasilia.  The event, organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be attended by more than 70 delegations from African countries. 

Embrapa Strategic Studies and Training will be a Unit dedicated to promote and to coordinate studies on strategic issues that contribute to the enhancement of institutional and programmatic objectives of Embrapa, as well as to capacity building and training of local and foreign professionals in tropical agriculture. 

It will also contribute to empower new talents, employed by Embrapa or by other technical organizations, public and private.  The Unit will start in 2010 capacity building activities  in the framework of technical cooperation projects between Brazil and African countries, especially those with which Embrapa develops cooperation projects in different areas of agricultural research and development.

Training new employees

Embrapa´s employees will be greatly benefited with the new Unit, especially the newly hired professionals.  “We have a renovation of approximately 45% of our workforce and we need to train new employees, update them, pass on the organization’s culture,” says Dr. Beatriz da Silveira Pinheiro, Director General of the new Unit. The promotion and strengthening of networking, the generation and sharing of knowledge are among the main purposes of the new Unit. “This will occur through the formation of multi-institutional and transdisciplinary teams” says Dr. Pinheiro. 

The new Unit has a total area of 4298 square meters and is part of a Brazilian Government program to reinforce Embrapa´s infrastructure (PAC-Embrapa).   Embrapa Strategic Studies and Training will have a lean structure, since its management strategy is based on accessing expertise existing in other Units of Embrapa located throughout the country, as well as in its Central Units, located at the neighboring Headquarters. 

Purposes of the new unit 

The key objectives of Embrapa Strategic Studies and Training are to establish and coordinate the implementation of studies on strategic issues related to technological development of Brazilian agriculture and to the mission of Embrapa.   Its team will coordinate foresight studies for definition of future scenarios.  These will support efforts of planning and programming of Embrapa, providing key references for global analysis and evaluation of scientific and technological trends and demands for agriculture, both at the national and international levels. 

The Unit will operate also in synergy with other institutions of science and technology in Brazil and abroad, identifying and exploring themes and opportunities for Embrapa, and supporting the formulation of public policies related to technological advancement of agriculture. 

In the areas of capacity building, the new Unit will establish training programs focused on technology transfer and sharing of knowledge.  Its team will have the responsibility to plan, coordinate, implement and monitor training as means of supporting knowledge and technology transfer in tropical agriculture. 

Original text (in Portuguese) prepared by: 

Deva Rodrigues (MTb / RS 5297)
Contacts: +55 61 3448-4015


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