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Enjoy short, timely news shared during 18-26 April, 2010.

Brazilian Presence in the Korean Science and Technology Scene 

Building a Green Economy 

Brazilian nanotechnology documentary… 

Cambodia and South Korea Established KOPIA Center 

Ancient lentils come back to life?

 First farmers domesticated chickpea for the serotonin.

 State of Minas Gerais, in Brazil and University of Queensland, in Australia sign an MoU for research partnership

 The Ocean Genome Legacy – A Global Community Resource for Marine Genomics and Conservation

 Brazilian wine goes international

World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change, by the World Bank

 People who have known one another longer and have meaningful relationships are more likely to share knowledge.

 MIT Sloan Management Review – Why We Share Information

 Technology and its Strategic Implications

 Nanotechnology in animal production: upstream assessment of applications

 A survey of farmers in Brazil, on GM soybean, cotton and corn…

 GE Crops Benefit Farmers, But Management Needed to Maintain Effectiveness

 Guardian UK – GM crops can benefit farmers

 Crop Biodiversity Going Up, Not Down

 China is expected to be essentially self-sufficient in wheat, corn, rice and pork this year

 Food self-sufficiency has been a major policy objective of the Chinese government

 China is already the world’s largest consumer of wheat, rice and soybean meal

 More than half of the world’s hogs live in China.

 China’s Role in Worldwide Food Prices

 Over the last few decades the developed world lost interest in agricultural development. Now’s the time for change.

 US, Canada, Spain, South Korea and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fight the threat of global food insecurity.

CSIRO develops highest-yielding salt-tolerant wheat.

Beyond The First World – Establishing a National Technology Transfer Network: The Case Study of FORTEC (Brazil)

Beyond The First World – Global News & Best Practices for Managers of Innovation and Intellectual Property

Our Future World – Analysis of Global Trends, Shocks and Scenarios

Aquaculture Network for the Americas benefits industry

Seeking Global Governance That Inspires and Unites

Indonesia Should Not Be Forgotten

Access to clean water has always been a defining mark of advanced societies

In India,Wall Mart is trying to do to agriculture what it has done to industries around the world

Increasing sophistication of Brazilian farming, which has become a huge market for cutting edge farm machinery…

Brazil’s success with second season crop

More food and less emission

Scientists from Brazil and the United States have completed the draft genome of bacteria that cause citrus canker

Syngenta Gets U.S. Approval For Corn Trait Technology

Farmsphere is the place where Social Food Traceability improves the consumption experience

Gyeonggi Province is at the center of the organic agriculture movement in Korea.

United Nations E-Government Survey 2010 – Leveraging e-governmentat a time of financial and economic crisis

A Routemap to Information Nodes and Gateways (RING) for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD)

Discoveries: Even in the Desert, Plants Feel the Heat of Global Warming: NSF-supported researchers study the germ…

Download the CSIROreport that describes the outcomes from a global foresight project.

CSIRO has a new report describes the outcomes from a global foresight project.

China’s attempts to race ahead with the development of renewable energies

China outspent the U.S. by almost twice the amount on clean energy investments last year

The Bioeconomy to 2030 – Designing a Policy Agenda…

Unlocking the Valueof the Information Economy

NanoAgri 2010 – International Conference on Food and Agriculture Applications of Nanotechnologies

Companies Must Account for the True Cost of Their Products

Food vs. fuel showdown on the farm

Innovation in emerging markets..

The Economist: A special report on innovation in emerging markets – The world turned upside down…

Return of South Korea’s industrial giants

S. Korea confirms new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, celebrates 50 years

Korea – Pres. Lee Emphasizes Global Partnership in Sustainable Green Growth

Philippines can be self-sufficient in rice by 2017.

World Bank Frees Up Development Data – Agriculture & Rural Development entry point…

World Bank Frees Up Development Data

Is “publish or perish” biasing science?

Complexities of Climate Change and the Green Economy

On PNAS – Design and analysis of synthetic carbon fixation pathways

In Futures Thinking: how to engage in a foresight exercise

Futures Thinking: A Bibliography

Eric Lander’s Secrets of the Genome

Has science become cool?

“The Smart Guide to Innovation-Based Incubators” – an excellent new PDF download (2010).

Volunteers Scrutinize “Ten Most Wanted” Plants for Clues to Climate Change

Malaysia and Japan to explore new frontiers of cooperation

The 50 Most Innovative Companies – the new global leaders coming out of Asia

AlertNet: Is a ‘Green Revolution’ for Africa possible?

Research expands to grow demand for soy-based fish feeds

NANO MEETS MACRO – Social Perspectives on Nanoscale Sciences and Technologies

Intelligent material system involve a multitude of structures and functions that explore and mimic nature …

CHINA’S ECONOMY Rural Reform and Agricultural Development

Academic Inquiries into the“Chinese Success Story”

Discover the latest critical research in climate change economics

Academic and scholarly publisher World Scientific has launched the world’s first Climate Change Economics journal


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