Our Future World – Analysis of Global Trends, Shocks and Scenarios

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO),  Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research organizations in the world has just released a report describing the outcomes from a global foresight project.  The effort has been based on analyses of over 100 trends contributed by more than 40 scientists and business development staff across CSIRO. 

Besides trends, other key components of this work are megatrends and megashocks.  The trends collected by CSIRO were reviewed and discussed by over 30 leading scientists and business development staff across the organization, who identified 19 megatrends, which were grouped, synthesised and reviewed leading to the five interlinked megatrends.  The megashocks were based on the work of the World Economic Forum (WEF, 2009), which identified and evaluated 36 global risks under the categories of economic, geopolitical, environmental, societal and technological.

At the end, the trends, megatrends and megashocks have been organized to inform a wide range of strategic science planning activities within CSIRO, and also to help inform Australian industry, government and community decisions.   The report is an evolving document and CSIRO invites inputs to help improve it.

Click here to download a copy of “Our Future World, An analysis of global trends, shocks and scenarios”.


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