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As Twitter use explodes, it is becoming an increasingly important communication tool for organizations of all kinds. Research institutes, universities and colleges around the world are using Twitter as a broadcasting channel.

As you know from previous posts, Twitter is the simplest of social networks and, still, a rich source of instantly updated information, and Labex Korea is using it as a communication and information sharing tool.

You will find below a selection of interesting news that appeared in this week´s Labex Korea Twitter Page.  If you find a subject of your interest, just click in the hyperlink to open the corresponding page.  You can follow Labex Korea on Twitter, by clicking here.

Enjoy short, timely news and notes shared during 11-18 April, 2010.

Le LABEX : LABoratoire Extérieur de l’Embrapa (Brésil) en Europe

See the program for the Workshop on “Role of Lignin on Sorghum Biomass Quality for Energy and AnimalUtilization” – Brazil

International Symposium on Oil Plants for Energy – Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil – June 2010

Sweet Fuel Project – annual meeting to be held at EMBRAPA Maize and Sorghum Centre, Sete Lagoas, Brazil in April 2010

Sweet fuel : sweet sorghum, an alternative energy crop

Workshop “Role of Lignin on Sorghum Biomass Quality for Energy and Animal Utilization” – in Portuguese…

The Scientist Gardener: How Teosinte Lost its Shell

The way companies generate value is changing

Crop biodiversity going up, not down? Well, maybe More

NanoAgri 2010 to discuss new and emerging applications of nanotechnologies in food and agriculture…

NanoAgri 2010 will discuss potential health and environmental risks that may be associated with use of nanotechnologies

NanoAgri 2010 will discuss issues that influence the transition from research to commercialization of nanotechnologies

NanoAgri 2010 will discuss the social/ethical implications of Nanotechnologies applied in food, agriculture and sectors

NanoAgri 2010 – debate on priority areas for development of nanotechnologies relevant to food and agriculture

NanoAgri 2010 – International Conference on Food and Agriculture Applications of Nanotechnologies will be held in Brazil

International Conference on Food and Agriculture Applications of Nanotechnologies

China pours its wealth into Latin America: The Guardian Last week President Hu Jintao travelled to B…

From Dung to Coffee Brew With No Aftertaste –

Scientists have always spoken to each other but now they can speak directly to everyone else, too…

Where in the world will the leading-edge science be done? The internet has levelled the playing field….

Science shouldn’t be just for scientists, and there are encouraging signs that it is becoming more pervasive…

Guardian: How science became cool

China, Brazil pledge to promote strategic partnership, strengthen cooperation

Australia-India partnership to establish a bionanotechnology research center in New Delhi

The Continuing Chronicles of the Gene Patent Wars

Brazil and China sign agreements on summit

Science & the Public: Mercury surprise: Rice can be risky: Millions in China are at risk, and potentially…

‘Smut’ fungus chooses weapons wisely

Brazilian students will join the “International Youth Science and Engineering Camp” in Korea

“Science for Life” – A Brazilian Fair and Showcase on Research and Agricultural Technologies

Far too many governments have failed to grasp the scale of the threat from invasive species…

Counting the cost of alien invasions

Informing the Plant Breeding Curriculum Development Process – A Global Delphi Study

The significance of international organizations being based in Korea

Brazilian farms sow seeds of openness…

CSIRO researchers have developed a salt tolerant durum wheat that yields 25 per cent more grain in saline soils.

New Tricks for Genome Sequencing

EcoTone: Field Talk: Termites enrich the soil in East Africa

Future challenges for agricultural innovation Prof.Sir Gordon Conway

Facilitating innovation system interaction: article on innovation brokers in dev country agric

Developing countries’ youth are benefiting from soy

Team develops tasty ways to make use of soy protein

Genomics and Evolution – A Personal Appraisal

BitTorrenting biology, getting the big picture in search –

USDA Seeks Comments on Controversy Surrounding Confining Organic Livestock (source: Webwire): Farmers/Ranchers Sq…

“Science for Life” – A Brazilian Fair and Showcase on Research and Agricultural Technologies

The needs of the world cannot be met without the application of the best available science.

A 2020 vision for global science

Global challenges: What the world’s scientists say

World Bank to Retire ‘Third World’ Label: … donor and supplicant, leader and led, no longer fit as…

Farmers should initiate control against glyphosate-resistant weeds

BioTorrents allows scientists to rapidly share their results, datasets, and software using file sharing technology.

BioTorrents: A File Sharing Service for Scientific Data

What it will take to feed the world – Marion Guillou the chief executive of France’s INRA

China rapidly becoming Latinamerica’s main trade and investment partner

Defending Grass-Fed Beef

The New York times: A Race to Introduce GM Corn Before Africa’s Climate Worsens

The New York Times: Study Says Overuse Threatens Gains From Modified Crops

Genomics free ebook download and Genomics free pdf download – on …

GE crops might be ’smart,’ but nature can prove smarter via

Green thumbs: Genetically engineered crops are more environmentally friendly than organic ones – The Boston Globe

How do we even begin to describe the 420,000 or more unnamed species in Australia?

Korea’s agriculture ministry announced a plan to create 3-thousand social enterprises in rural areas by 2015.

ICT-KM’s seminar on collaboration and knowledge sharing in research for impact at #ICARDA

“Science for Life” – A Brazilian Fair and Showcase on Research and Agricultural Technologies

“Is citation index the best way of measuring research quality in India”: Essay comp. by RCUK, supprtd by Nature India:

The @whitehouse is looking for Grand Challenges in science and technology, via Twitter. Fire up your imagination:

News Release posted: Bringing the World of Agriculture to the Classroom

Involved in a carbon offset project in #agriculture? Tell us about it:

Traumatized trees: Bug them enough, they get fired up (from: University of Washington News)

A rice variety that can be eaten without cooking (source: India Times): A rice variety that can be eaten without c…

Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization

Brain drain, low investment hamper African science

Biodiversity challenges and solutions in the semi-arid tropics

Brazilian students will join the “International Youth Science and Engineering Camp” in Korea


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