Brazilian students will join the “International Youth Science and Engineering Camp” in Korea

FEBRACE, the Brazilian Sciences and Engineering Fair and the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology will select five brazilian students to participate  in the 5th International Youth Science & Engineering Camp (ISEC 2010), that will be held in Seoul National University, College of Engineering, Korea during 1-15 August 2010.  Inclusion of Brazil in the ISEC 2010 was facilitated by the Brazilian Embassy in Seoul.

ISEC (International Youth Science & Engineering Camp) is an international research-oriented science camp, with participation of about 100 students from more than 11 countries.  It is a two-week program that consists of science and engineering research in top-level university facilities, field trips to major institutes/industries, cultural experiences and much more.

The Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC) provides local accommodations, including lodgings, meals, and transportations.  KOFAC is committed to “establishing a creative society based on science” by advancing public understanding of science and global issues.  KOFAC expects that ISEC will help participants build a foundation for cooperation, develop an international mindset and be inspired to follow careers in Science and Technology.


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