A Brazilian Strategy to Support Agricultural Development in Africa

Embrapa’s Regional Office for Africa is located in Accra, Gana.

Brazil has been broadening its dialogue with Africa, in support to the continent´s growing efforts to build capacity for autonomous development.  Technical cooperation is a key priority in this process, which focuses on transfer of skills, capacity building and support to institutional building and strengthening.  

Agricultural innovation is one of the cornerstones of the Brazilian cooperation activities with Africa and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Organization, Embrapa, is the leading organization in the process.  Embrapa´s Africa office was established in the city of Accra, in Ghana, in 2006, and opened a new phase in the Organization’s tradition of knowledge and technology transfer to the African continent.  

The main purpose of Embrapa is sharing scientific and technological knowledge relevant to African countries, thus contributing to social and economic development and to food security across the region. The activities are concentrated in technology transfer, emphasizing the specific demands of different partner countries for support in tropical agricultural development. Also, Embrapa Africa provides technical assistance and opportunities for training and development of human resources.  

The work platform of Embrapa Africa covers the areas of agroenergy, tropical fruit production, cassava and vegetables (production and processing), fruits and vegetables, post-harvest, beef/milk production and forests.  Experts dedicated to planning and managing agricultural projects are working together with African partners to articulate the interests of African producers, governments, rural development organizations and technology suppliers to organize production chains in different parts of the continent.  

Click here for more information on Embrapa Africa, or contact embrapa DOT africa AT embrapa DOT br.


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