‘A Model Laboratory Without Walls: the Brazilian Labex’

Agropolis International, an association that brings together many agricultural universities and research centers in Montpellier, France, has just published a new issue of its series “Les dossiers d’Agropolis International” describing the achievements of Labex-Europe, a laboratory without walls set up in Montpellier by Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. 

Since 2002, Agropolis International has been host to Labex and a facilitator for Embrapa in its collaboration with local partners (CIRAD, INRA, IRD, …) and other organizations in Europe. According to Dr. Elisio Contini, first coordinator of Labex Europe and current Head of International Cooperation of Embrapa, “Labex Europe institutionalizes a long-term scientific and technical cooperation between Embrapa and Agropolis International in Montpellier, with the participation of several European centers of excellence in France, the Netherlands and England.”

Each issue of “Les dossiers d’Agropolis International” series is dedicated to a broad scientific theme; its objective is to provide a synthetic overview of the skills and the potentiality available in the Agropolis community, thus facilitating contacts for the development of scientific and technical exchange and cooperation.  You can read and download the dossier dedicated to Labex Europe from here.


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