The Brazilian Agricultural Research for Development System

If you click the image on the left you will be able to access the document titled “The Brazilian Agricultural Research for Development System“, which is a country brief prepared for the International Workshop on Fast Growing Economies’ Role in Global Agricultural Research for Development (ARD), that took place in Beijing, China, on 8-10 February 2010.  Embrapa was represented in the meeting by the Coordinators of Labex Korea and Labex Europe.  The Brazilian presentation at the Workshop can also be viewed and downloaded from here.

The primary objective of the Workshop was to bring together representatives of governments, especially senior policy makers and managers of the public sector national agricultural research systems and institutes, civil society and farmer organizations to foster discussions on the new roles and needs of emerging economies so that they can, through collaboration and partnership contribute further to agricultural research for development globally. The outputs from the Workshop will be recommendations to be considered at the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD 2010), which will take place  in 28-31 March 2010, in Montpellier, France.


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