Embrapa is among the top ten in scientific production in Brazil

The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa – is one of the top ten institutions in Brazil in terms of scientific articles appearing in the international database Web of Science (WOS). The result is described in the study “Embrapa Brazil: bibliometric analysis of articles in the Web of Science (1977-2006)” by Roberto de Camargo Penteado Filho and Antonio Flavio Dias Avila.  It was published in November 2009, in the series Discussion Papers, edited by the Secretariat of Strategic management (SGE) of Embrapa, located in Brasilia.

It is the first time the entire scientific production of Embrapa is organized and evaluated in such detail.  The article examines, first, the performance of research centers of Embrapa, secondly, the journals publishing these articles and, finally, partnerships represented in the scientific production of Embrapa. The full text of 116 pages, in Portuguese, is available here.

The Discussion Paper series was established by Embrapa to motivate and energize the circulation of new ideas and to promote reflection and debate on issues related to science, technology and innovation, rural development and agribusinesses. It is opened to contributing authors regardless of their area of knowledge or institutional affiliation.

More information:
Journalist Roberto Penteado – MTb 220/DF
Contact: (61) 3448-4187
E-mail: roberto.penteado@embrapa.br


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