The Labex experience

You can see here the presentation “The Labex Experience” made by Mauricio Lopes during the inaugural ceremony of Labex Korea, on December 10th, 2009. It briefly reviews agriculture in Brazil, the Labex Program and the expectations of Embrapa with the expansion of this international  program to Asia. Brazil is shown as a country with substantial natural and environmental resources that holds a strong position in the global production of food, fiber and energy. The presentation emphasises that Research and development (R&D) has been the main driver for the significant growth experimented by the Brazilian agriculture in the past three decades and that Embrapa has provided the innovation capacity to help make the country a leader in tropical agriculture. The Labex Program brings the international dimension to Embrapa´s innovation process and creates opportunities for monitoring trends in Science & Technology, for promotion of collaborative projects in strategic areas, and to facilitate exchanges of scientists and training opportunities. The presentation also shows that “expansion of the Labex Program to South Korea makes sense because Brazil and South Korea have convergent and synergistic objectives and both countries have a strong drive towards a better future.”


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