Inauguration of Labex marks the anniversary of Brazil-Korea diplomatic relations

Brazilian Ambassador in Korea Mr. Edmundo Sussumu Fujita during the inaugural ceremony of Labex Korea

Brazil and the Republic of Korea established diplomatic relations in 1959 and over the past five decades these two nations located at the opposite sides of the globe have been actively engaged in exchanges and cooperation in the economic, social and cultural areas. 

The inauguration of Labex Korea has been included among the many activities programmed by the Brazilian Embassy in Seoul to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Brazil-Korea relations.

Ambassador Edmundo Sussumu Fujita participated in the inaugural ceremony of Labex Korea, last December 10, 2009.  According to him , “we could not have a better chance to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between our countries. The potential of Korea and Brazil cooperation is immense and the relationship we are establishing today will become our flagship in science and technology cooperation. This means that Labex Korea is becoming an example that will inspire other important projects in the near future.”


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