Food and agricultural applications of nanotechnologies

The I International Conference on Food and Agricultural Applications of Nanotechnologies, which will be held in São Carlos, SP, Brazil from June 20 to 25, 2010. New and emerging applications of nanotechnologies in food and agriculture and issues related to their use will be the focus of this Conference. In addition to exploring relevant scientific and technological advances, the Conference will also seek to highlight areas of research with the greatest potential to benefit society.

The overall objectives of the Conference are to:

• Provide a vehicle for debate among all stakeholders on priority areas for development of nanotechnologies relevant to food and agriculture;
• Identify priority areas of research and development that are considered to have the greatest potential to contribute to the achievement of Development Goals;
• Consider the social/ethical implications of Nanotechnologies applied in food, agriculture and sectors;
• Consider the legal and business issues which influence the transition from research to commercialization of nanotechnologies;
• Promote collaborative research among countries on issues of common interest;
• Promote a harmonized approach toward the assessment and management of potential human health, and environmental risks that may be associated with the use of nanotechnologies in the areas of food, agriculture, health and other sectors.

Important Deadlines:
Paper Submission: February 19, 2010
Acceptance notification: March 19, 2010
Early registration: February 19, 2010

More information here.


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