Embrapa is part of the RDA Overseas Honorable Researcher Program

Twenty three Embrapa researchers have been recognized by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of  South Korea  for the international importance of their scientific work.  They are now part of the Overseas Honorable Researcher Program, which identifies foreign researchers with major accomplishments in areas and themes of interest for cooperation and exchange with South Korea.  The article below, published in the webpage of Embrapa, describes the  process and identifies the Embrapa nominees.

Embrapa Researchers will be part of a program of the RDA in South Korea

Researchers of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, will join the Overseas Honorable Researcher Program, a traditional program of the Rural Development Administration (RDA), the agricultural research organization of South Korea.  The Brazilian institution has indicated 23 scientists who will compose the information basis of “Overseas” program and a publication of RDA.

“This program seeks to generate a database on foreign researchers with major accomplishments in areas and themes of interest to the Rural Development Administration (RDA). Those selected will be invited to visit Korea or take part in projects or joint actions with the RDA, to expand cooperation”, informed the coordinator of Labex Korea, Mauricio Antonio Lopes.

The indication of the 23 researchers was approved by the Department of Research and Development (DPD), the Office of International Relations (ARI) and the coordination of Labex Korea, recently installed in Suwon, 40 kilometers south of the capital, Seoul.

“This issue was discussed at a workshop with the Department of Research and Development of Embrapa, in September,” says researcher Bohsuk Yang, coordinator of the Republic of Korea Abroad Virtual Laboratory (RaVL), a analogous to Labex Korea, operating in the Headquarters of Embrapa, in Brasilia.  Periodically, RDA asks its partner institutions to submit names and a summary of activities of outstanding scientists to be considered under the procedures established by the Overseas Honorable Researcher Program” added Dr. Yang.

According to Mauricio Antonio Lopes, the criteria used in the nomination process was based in evaluation of the following items: area and research topics of interest to the scientific and technical cooperation with Korea and other Asian countries; the availability of an up to date Curriculum Vitae in the official database of Brazilian scientist in the Web – Lattes (to allow the evaluation of scientific publications) and the degree of involvement of the scientist in the current R&D program of Embrapa.

Dr. Bohsuk Yang said it is usual the distribution of “Overseas” titles to international agricultural research partners of RDA.  It is also a tradition for members to be invited to take part in conferences and scientific events, with all expenses paid by the Korean partners. Currently, 130 scientists are part of the Honorable Overseas Research Program. The 23 researchers from Embrapa (check the list below) will receive a certificate from the RDA.  Dr. Yang informed that the publication of the “Overseas” book should occur later this year.

Embrapa Nominees:

Alexandre Lima Nepomuceno
Alexandre Rodrigues Caetano
Bloch Junior
Dario Grattapaglia
Eduardo Delgado Assad
Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda
Flávio Breseghello
Fernando Flores Castro
Francisco José Lima Aragão
Janice Reis Ciacci Zanella
José Ivo Baldani
Jurandir Vieira de Magalhães
Katia Regina Evaristo de Jesus-Hitzschky
Liana Brentano
Luiz Henrique Capparelli Mattoso
Mariangela Hungary da Cunha
Márcio Elias Ferreira
Marcos Vinicius Gualberto Barbosa da Silva
Odilio Benedito Garrido de Assis
Roberto Augusto de Almeida Torres Junior
Rodolfo Rumpf
Rosana Pereira Vianello Brondani
Sidney Netto Parentoni

Translated from the article written by Deva Rodrigues (MTB / RS 5297)
Contact: (61) 3448-4015
E-mail: deva.rodrigues @embrapa.br


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